IBQ Onsite-Hybrid Course In English

Pauline Literature

Professors Harlyn Purdy and Patrick St-Onge

Description :

Offered in partnership with the Laval University, this course is a study of the background and development of Paul’s thoughts in his epistles. It will examine some selected passages, taking into account certain themes chosen in particular for their importance for a global understanding of Pauline theology: the death and resurrection of Jesus, the Church-Body of Christ, the Holy Spirit, etc.


This course is offered in the Onsite-Hybrid format, which is a combination of onsite and online delivery. Video recordings will be available for those unable to attend onsite sessions.
Onsite @ Trinity Pentecostal Church (Lasalle)
September 10th & November 19th from 9:45AM to 4:30PM & September 11th from 1:00PM to 4:30 PM (video recordings available for those unable to attend)

Online : Asynchronous (Prerecorded Videos)

Student Status & Registration

IBQ students (for credits)
  • Students can also study in partnership with Laval University (UL)
  • Procedure : apply online to UL and IBQ (click here for more information)
  • 40$ for the IBQ application + 92.50$ for the Laval University application + about 360$ for the course
University students enrolled in a study field other than theology (as an elective)
Auditors (participation to all sessions and access to online material)
  • No assignments, no credits
  • Procedure : apply online with IBQ only (click here)
  • 40$ for the application + 155$ for the course
Visiting students (participation on Sunday September 11th from 1:00PM to 4:30PM only)