Microprogram in Initiation to Theological Studies (12 Credits)

A student who does not meet all the eligibility requirements may be admitted by the Laval University into this program before moving on to the certificate or bachelor's program. This microprogram covers some of the fundamentals of theology and university methodology. All courses (except THL-1514) are transferable to the Certificate or Bachelor of Theology.

  • THL-1514 Argumentation and Writing Essays in Theology (3 credits)
  • THL-1000 Introduction to Theological Studies (3 credits)
  • THL-1004 The Universe of the Bible (3 credits)

Choose one course among the following:

  • THL-1010 Synoptic Gospels (3 credits)
  • THL-1002 Christian and Pastoral Ethics (3 credits)
  • THL-1009 Pneumatology (Christian Spiritualities) - 3 credits
  • THL-1008 Hermeneutics (Revelation and Theology) - 3 credits

Microprogram in spiritual care (10 credits)

Name of Program at Laval University : Microprogramme en études pastorales - accompagnement spirituel

The purpose of the program will be to introduce the student to counselling in the pastoral field. Different forms of suffering will be analyzed (mourning, illness...) as well as the search for meaning. The spiritual experience, the life of the Spirit and the necessary aptitudes for spiritual accompaniment will be addressed in this program. The student will be able to acquire basic skills and tools for helping the suffering.

The program will only be offered on a part-time basis, one or two courses per semester.

  • THL-1041 Introduction to Studies at IBQ - 1 credit
  • THL-1009 Pneumatology (Christian Spirituality) - 3 credits
  • PST-2102 Counselling and the Search for Meaning - 3 credits
  • PST-2105 Pastoral Care to the Suffering - 3 credits