Studying with Laval University

By studying at IBQ, you will have access to an excellent education from Laval University located in Quebec City (QC), a well renowned higher education institution recognized by the Quebec Ministry of Education and Higher Education, while remaining in IBQ’s Pentecostal and evangelical tradition.

Our IBQ headquarters, however, are found in Longueuil, Quebec, which is located on the south-shore of Montreal. This is the hub from which we offer our courses, onsite and online, for your convenience.

We want you to succeed in your studies with us, which is why as a student at IBQ, you not only have access to the vibrant student community, but to some valuable Université Laval resources. Take a look below.



The Institut Biblique du Québec has had a partnership with Université Laval for several years. This partnership allows students to follow a Université Laval program in a Pentecostal context at IBQ. In fact, our teachers are chosen by both institutions and receive the title of "associate professor" with Université Laval.

Students must fill two applications for enrollment, one at each school, and must maintain this dual student status throughout their academic program. Upon graduation, the student receives two degrees: one from Laval University, which is recognized both in the public and ecclesiastical world, and the other from the IBQ (recognized by the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada).


For students wishing to study in English exclusively, only the Certificate in Theology is available.

Bachelor of Theology is available to English students willing to take some French courses.


Admission Requirements

For admission requirements to Laval University, please click on this link:

At the Institut Biblique du Québec, the admission requirements match those of recognized universities.
In Quebec, the requirements are as follows:

  • Hold a Diploma of College Studies (DCS) or the equivalent, or
  • Be at least 21 years of age and have been out of the educational system for at least 2 consecutive years at the time of application. The student must have successfully completed secondary 5, or must substantially demonstrate his/her capacity to pursue studies (in this case, an evaluation test may be requested).
  • A non-Quebec applicant with a final pre-university diploma not equivalent to the Diploma of College Studies (DCS) and totalling(12) years of schooling may be admitted to a preparatory program before proceeding to the desired program.

These requirements do not apply to auditors.
For international students, please consult the following page for more details:

Please note that to obtain a student visa, an applicant must register as a full-time student. However, IBQ does not offer enough courses per semester for a student to study full-time in English only. Consequently, IBQ's English-speaking international students must be bilingual and willing to take French courses in addition to English.

As a pastoral training institution operating under the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC) and its principles, and with a mission to "train and equip Pentecostal leaders for effective ministry", IBQ also requires that the candidate be a registered member of a PAOC church, or an evangelical church whose beliefs or practices ressembles those of PAOC. An overseas applicant must be a member of an Assemblies of God church, or an evangelical church whose beliefs or practices are similar to those of the PAOC. Applicants must demonstrate a personal commitment to Christ and a life that reflects biblical Christian values - including a commitment to a local church - for at least one year prior to application.

Tuition Fees

Payable to Laval University


Depends on the student's status. Rates are available on the Université Laval website:

Please note that the fees for the course material are not included in the cost of the above-mentioned courses. However, an approximate amount of $50 for each regular three-credit course is to be expected in addition to the course cost.

Payable to IBQ

Enrolment fee at IBQ (with credits or free auditor)
$  40,00
On-site or Distance Education course for auditors (per course)
$  155,00
Management Fee (per course credit)
$  13,00


In order to enrol to the IBQ, you must follow 2 steps:


Step 1 :  Fill Out IBQ's Application Form

When completing your application to IBQ, make sure you provide all of the required information.

  • In the form, you will be asked to provide three references : your pastor, a deacon or leader within your church, and a friend or employer. Be sure to give these people the link to the reference form they need to fill in (these references will remain confidential)
  • Pay the $40 enrolment fee (unpaid applications will not be considered). You can pay via Paypal (the enrolment form will take you to Paypal if you tick this option) or by check.
  • Admission requirements: Diploma of College Studies (DEC or DCS) or the equivalent, or be over 21 years of age.

2) Fill Out Laval University's Application Form

When completing your application to IBQ, make sure you provide all of the required information.

  • Certain fees will apply to this step of your application and will have to be paid directly to Université Laval (approximately $94,50).
  • Any auditing student need only to apply for enrolment to the IBQ. Furthermore, it is not necessary to provide diplomas and references required.

Financial Aid

Quebec students enrolled in university courses with the partnership with Université Laval may be eligible for loans and bursaries from the Quebec government if they qualify. Students of the Institut Biblique du Québec who are not university students do not have access to financial assistance offered in the form of loans and bursaries by the governments of Quebec and Canada.

To consult student financial assistance services:

It is the responsibility of each individual to find his or her own funding. The Institut thus encourages students to complete their training without being to much indebted.

IBQ Scholarships

The IBQ also offers some scholarships for Canadian residents who have already gone through the enrolment process and have been admitted as a student.

We offer several types of bursaries: some are offered to new students at the IBQ, others to our current students. Some scholarships are also available to students who are enrolled in the Discipleship Training Program *Le Réseau. *Please note that Le Réseau will not take place this year (2022-2023).
To apply for a bursary, please make sure that:

  • You have completed your enrolment process (IBQ and UL) and have been accepted as a student for the upcoming academic year.
  • Apply for a scholarship by completing the following form:

Scholarship recipients will be selected by an IBQ committee that will evaluate each submission. If you have been awarded a bursary, you will be notified.

International Students

You live overseas and wish to study at the Institut biblique du Québec?

If you wish to study onsite at the Institut biblique du Québec, you must first apply to Laval University for admission to the university program. Only the Laval University will be able to guide you through the steps to come to Canada. You can contact IBQ after receiving your admission from Université Laval. Please note that we do not have residences at IBQ. Students are responsible for their own accommodations and all other accommodations. Also, our English programs are only available on a part-time basis unless a student is willing to take on some French classes as well. Student visas might require you to be fulltime.

For eligibility requirements, please visit this page:


For general information, visit this page:
If you wish to study through distance education with IBQ while remaining in your home country, you must enroll with IBQ only since we do not offer the partnership with Université Laval in this case. The diplomas obtained will be those of IBQ (without Université Laval). All courses will then be taken over the Internet, without any exchange by mail, except for the diploma at the end of the course. In this case, the cost of the studies is $110 per course credit, plus administrative fees.

The Institut Biblique du Québec does not have funds to grant scholarships to international students who would like to study in Canada.

Please also note that tuition fees for international students with Laval University are higher than for Quebec and Canadian students. Visit Laval University's website to see an estimate of tuition fees (theology is part of the humanities).


students for a day

You can become a student for a day at IBQ!
This program consists of coming to spend a day on campus (Longueuil, QC) to follow a student in his classes, join student activities and campus life. We can also give you temporary access to one of our distance learning courses. Interested? It's easy! Simply fill out the form by clicking on the button below and we will contact you!

Life at IBQ


At IBQ, we have no on-campus residences or cafeteria, therefore we cannot take responsibility for housing students.

Please note that the IBQ is not responsible for lodging, meals or transportation to and from campus.

For special occasions such as week-long intensive courses, the IBQ can help an external student find low-cost accommodation for the week.


Our campus is located in Longueuil. With its 250,000 inhabitants, it is the third most populated city in the province of Quebec in Canada. Located on the outskirts of the greater Montreal area, Longueuil is well served by public transportation. Our campus is a 10-minute walk from the Longueuil-Université-de-Sherbrooke metro station.

On the first floor of our campus, you will find our library with work spaces and a multipurpose room. In the basement, you will find a dining room with socializing spaces, a classroom and our administrative offices. You will feel at home here..



Chapel are organized for our students. Dates, days and times may vary but are communicated at the beginning of each new session.

A warm place, worship in unity, times of sharing and testimonies, a place to recharge and express oneself, we seek to offer you the opportunity to rest,
have fun, and be inspired by a variety of guests and themes throughout the year.


What is the advantage of studying at the IBQ?

There are several advantages. First, you have the opportunity to study theology in an evangelical school while receiving university credits recognized in both the ecclesiastical and public sectors. Second, you study theology in a school that belongs to the Pentecostal tradition, even though we remain open to different points of view, of course.

Third, our programs meet the academic requirements for the various levels of accreditation to be a minister with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, an organization with over 1,200 churches in Canada. Fourth, IBQ offers all its programs by distance education as well as on-site. Finally, the program "Le réseau" program is quite unique in its kind for young people who are looking for an experience that is more inspirational than academics.

What if my class isn't offered this semester?

Our course schedule is determined in advance by the IBQ administration based on student needs. If the course you wish to take is not available at this time, you should be able to take other courses that are part of your program. Otherwise, you can contact the registrar's office to discuss your situation.

What program should I take?

That depends on your goals. A certificate in theology may be sufficient for certain ministries or for an individual who simply wants to deepen his or her biblical, theological or practical knowledge. However, if you are aiming for a profession such as pastor or chaplain, a Bachelor of Theology degree would be more appropriate, or even required depending on the case.

How does distance learning work?

We have several formats of distance education courses. Basically, you will need a computer and an internet connection. Some of our distance courses are "asynchronous", which means that you can progress at your own pace with deadlines to meet. In this case you have pre-recorded videos and open-date activities on our virtual course platform.

The "synchronous" distance courses are done in real time through the Zoom application. Each week, you must be present here at a predetermined time to meet with your teacher.

Are all your programs available full-time?

Only our French programs can be taken full-time as well as part-time. English programs are only available part-time. We offer 2-3 English courses per semester: 1-2 is on site in the Montreal area, and the other one is through distance education.

To be full time, anglophone students would need to take some of their courses in French. It is also possible to take French courses and submit some of your assignments in English.

Can I get to IBQ by public transportation?

Yes, we are a 10-15 minute walk from the Longueuil-University of Sherbrooke metro station. We are located near the Jacques-Cartier Bridge on the South Shore of Montreal in the city of Longueuil (Canada).