Certificate Program

Certificate in Pastoral Studies (30 credits)

The Certificate in Pastoral Studies in partnership with the Laval University introduces the student to certain topics fundamental to a general understanding of theology and pastoral intervention. The courses are diversified and touch on the different fields of study of theology. The history of Pentecostalism and the doctrinal distinctives of the movement are examined.

This program, if taken exclusively in English, is offered on a part-time basis only. Students who complete the 30 credits will also receive a certificate in practical theology from IBQ in addition to the certificate in pastoral studies from Laval University. This program meets the academic requirements for a "recognition of ministry" credential with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.


Mandatory courses (21 credits)

  • THL-1041 Introduction to University Studies in Theology (1 credit) THL-1000 Introduction to Theological Studies (3 credits)
  • THL-1009 Pneumatology (Christian Spiritualities) - 3 credits
  • CAT-2302 Synthesis of the Christian Faith - 3 credits
  • THL-2115 Bible and Church Leadership / Bible and Pastoral - 3 credits
  • THL-1008 Hermeneutics (Revelation and Theology) - 3 credits
  • THL-2013 History of Pentecostalism (Interpretation of Magisterial Texts) - 2 credits
  • PST-1002 Pastoral Theology (Introduction to Pastoral Intervention) - 3 credits
  • PST-1020 Communication and Homiletics in the Church (Issues of Communication in the Church) - 3 credits

*Substitutions are possible for certain courses depending on course availability/schedule.

Optional courses (9 credits)

  • THL-2015 Jesus the Christ: Christology (3 credits)
  • THL-1010 Synoptic Gospels (3 credits)
  • Other courses will be offered from time to time

*Multidisciplinary Bachelor's Degree

For students with Université Laval, there is also the possibility of doing a certificate in theology at the IBQ and then include this in a multidisciplinary bachelor's degree.