1. Access the IBQ virtual course platform ( You received access by email when you were admitted as an IBQ student. (Otherwise click here to enrol as a student).
  2. Go to the main menu at the bottom of the home page, and click on the "Course List + Targeted Session" icon to access the list of available courses. You can read the course information (more details available on the IBQ website -
  3. Click on the desired course and carefully select your student status (student in partnership with Laval University, or student without Laval University). The amount indicated includes the administration fee as well as the tuition fee according to your status. (For students in partnership with Université Laval, the amount includes only the administration fee since the tuition fee will be billed directly by the UL).
  4. You will be forwarded to Paypal and will be asked to make the payment. (You can pay by credit card through Paypal without having an account).
  5. You will have immediate access to your course platform, but the actual course content will be "hidden" until the first day of the session.
  6. Repeat these steps for each of your courses. (You must complete one Paypal transaction per course).
  7. For students in partnership with Laval University, you must also register on your UL portal. Make sure you have the correct course code (e.g. THL-1000) and the name of the IBQ professor, as course titles may vary from one institution to another. In case of discrepancies in the details, rely on the schedules and terms found on the IBQ website and virtual platform.
  8. Your courses should appear under "My Courses" on the home page of the virtual platform. If it does not, you can access it by repeating step #2 above.

For late registrations, the Paypal self-registration option may not be available. Please contact the IBQ registrar's office. (Late fees may apply.)